Harwest Trade


CULTIVATION AND CEREAL GRAIN INDUSTRY & TRADE maintains its production facilities in Saratov , Russia with ad daily capacity of 400 metric tons.

Harwest Trade premises in Saratov are located on a 100.000 sq meter parcel of land equipped with steel silo facilities and more than 20.000 metric tons storage capacity in horizontal production and processing through a continuous Research and Development program.

Harwest Trade , Trading activities: facilities include cleaning, calibration, peeling, splitting and colour sorting
lines for the production, processing and export of.

Wheat ( class ; 1,2,3,4,5 )

Durum Wheat ( class ; 1,2,3,4,5 )


Wheat flour , Pasta / Macaroni

Bulgur, JERISH (FINE CRACKED WHEAT) Porridge ( Oatmeal , Wheat , Rye , rice , Oats )

Barley , Rye , Oats

Buckwheat (GREÇKA)

Rice and Rapan rice

Whole red lentils

Red split lentils

Football lentils

Green lentils

Green split lentils


Chickpeas split

Dried peas ( Dried Whole Green Peas , White Peas , Natural Pulses , Green Peas , soybean , Pea, (Pisum sativum) ,White beans, Red beans , Mung Beans

Flax seeds,white and brown





Millet : Semolina , Eleusine coracana, or finger, Sorghum Panicum

Our Vision:

Our vision is to positively contribute to the health of our customers by offering natural foods while at the same time supporting sustainable agriculture and environmental protection with our supply chain partners.

Our Mission:

Our mission is supply to our valuable customers around the globe with natural, healthy and delicious foods they can enjoy and share with confidence.

Our Values:

Team System : Our success is due to hard work and the result of effective teamwork. In team, there is no “I”, only “we”. There is no individual achievement, only an individual contribution to the team.

Discipline in Field:

Our work environment and processes affects the products we produce and how these perform. We work in a disciplined way and professional in the field.

Accepting Change:

The business world is changing. To serve our customers better and meet their requirements, we must accept and adapt to change.

Conscientious Approval:

During our work, in every decision we take or in any action, we must get our own conscientious approval prior to our leaders’ approval and the profitability of our society. We must stand up against any action which is in conflict with our conscientious approval.

Also Russia have potansiyel:

construction materials, such as cement, bricks, steel, wood, electrical cable and electrical equipment , pipes, furniture and housewares.